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    Before a regular coaching session can occur, the coach and client must both read and agree to the Life Coaching Client Service Agreement shown below.  The coach and the client must both sign the agreement prior to commencing with any regular coaching sessions. 


    After scheduling a coaching session, the client will be provided with a copy of the agreement via email that can be electronically signed. 


    The service agreement shown below is for informational purposes and will receive revisions from time to time. The service agreement that will be binding between the coach and the client will be the document that is electronically signed by both the coach and the client when agreeing to begin coaching services.  

    Life Coaching Client Service Agreement


    This agreement sets forth the expectations and standards that both Client and Coach expect during the coaching relationship.  Policies and expectations are outlined in the following:

    1.The Relationship between Client and Coach

    As the client’s Life Coach, Ron Richardson (hereby referred to as Coach) will partner with [Client Name] (hereby referred to as Client) on a journey of discovery, self exploration, accountability and follow through. Coach’s job is to help Client create and implement a plan that will help Client reach certain goals in Client’s life. Coach will help Client discover within themselves the beliefs or issues that are blocking Client from moving forward in achieving these set goals.

    Coach operates from a particular coaching model, but it is the responsibility of Client to follow through with implementing the plan set forth between Coach and Client.  Coach cannot guarantee that Client will achieve a specific outcome.


    2.Term of Service

    Achieving the results desired and expected by Client and Coach normally takes time.  In order for the coaching to be most effective and to allow time for changes and results to occur in Client’s life, Client is encouraged to commit to a period of three months of coaching sessions, with two or more coaching sessions each month.  However, Client is at liberty to commit to as few or as many sessions as Client desires.

    If Client agrees to a predetermined number of coaching sessions, either party may terminate the coaching relationship at any time after agreeing to have a final session before concluding the relationship and settling financially any outstanding fees.  Coach agrees to refund any unused prepaid fees.


    3.Scheduled Sessions

    Regular coaching sessions will be delivered by meeting via Skype, FaceTime or some other form of digital media, at a specific time agreed upon by Coach and Client.  Coaching sessions will last fifty minutes and are billed at a rate of eighty-nine dollars per session.  Session packages are available at a lower rate.

    Face to face coaching sessions can be arranged on a case by case basis.  These sessions will be billed at a different rate.  The billing rate, time and location of these sessions will be agreed upon by Coach and Client.

    A twenty-five-dollar deposit is payable at the time of scheduling a session.   

    4.Cancellation of Appointments

    If Client cancels a scheduled session with a minimum of twenty-four hours notice, the deposit (or full amount of the session if it has been paid) will be refunded or applied toward a new session.  Client is responsible for the entire amount of the session fee that Client cancels with less than twenty-four hours notice.  Cancellation should be given by phone (voice message is acceptable) or text, not by email.

    5.Additional Calls

    Unscheduled calls or sessions will be billed at the regular rate after a grace period of fifteen minutes.



    Client’s identity, relationship, and content of the coaching sessions are strictly confidential except in a situation where such confidentiality would violate the law or cause harm.


    7.Payment Method

    Client can schedule and pay the deposit or session fee online using a credit card or debit card.  Arrangements can be made to accept payment in the form of money orders, cashier checks, business checks, personal checks and cash.  For these forms of payment, Client will not be able to book online but will need to call to make the arrangement with Coach.



    Client agrees and understands that Coach is not a medical or psychological professional.  Coach is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical practice.  If a situation arises where medical or psychological intervention is needed, Coach is ethically and legally bound to refer Client to a mental health or medical professional.  Client also agrees and understands that at present, coaching is an unregulated industry and licensure is not required, as such, Coach is not licensed by the State of California or any other state.  Client understands that for all legal purposes, the services provided by Coach will be considered to be provided in the State of California.